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Malware Mayhem!

Company braces for a unusually busy year in fighting malware.

01/27/07 -- After many years of fighting malware and the bad guys pushing it, M.I.C.A. has analyzed enough data to expose a build-up of historic proportions. I truly believe that malware will be taken to a new high, with the re-invent of old tactics - blended with new. What this means for consumers is this: your current defenses are not going to detect the malware, and more specifically, unwanted hidden programs running on your machine. Spam will become volatile, program extensions and basic applications never before attacked - will be exploited, rogue websites and the bad guys will increase in shear size and frequency in 2007.

"Consumers will need to take a more pro-active approach to internet security and privacy breaches within their homes and businesses." Says M.I.C.A. founder, James E. Clemens II. "I would recommend scanning all machines for Rootkits today and on a regular basis, installing strong spam filters (Sunbelt-Software or McAfee) for email accounts, upgrading all security programs, updating all software installed on your machine, and using the Lockdown Studies prescribed by us."

We will continue to study the bad guys to expose their tactics, while hunting them down. You can feel safe with us, as we are here to help. Make sure you raise your defenses soon to avoid the headaches that come from a infected machine. If your machine is running slower than it should right now, it is probably infected with some type of hidden program. Together, we can take back the web from the  bad guys holding it ransom!    

Thank you, and good surfing to you!


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