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Mica Specialties reorganizes!

Company completes changes to their website structure to offer better support to visitors.

09/16/06 -- Finally, our company has a home at: www.micaspecialties.com with an organized structure of our various websites.    

This is a very exciting step for us to complete, as we move towards our vision for 2007. This has been in the works for several months but ended up on the back burner. When we first started, we did not have a demand for a company website. All of our various projects had their own websites that we promoted independently.

However, as we grow, it has been harder to manage everything while making it easy for you to use. So we underwent a major restructuring of our entire web line-up. Some sites are located at their new and permanent home, while others remain the same. The Mica Specialties Design Company home will always have the latest web addresses and information about our organization. The M.I.C.A. website that you are currently visiting is owned & operated by Mica Specialties Design Company.

And always, you will NEVER be hit with advertising or any annoying sales tactics of any kind from ANY SITE WE MANAGE...EVER!

Thank you, and good surfing to you!


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