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Mica Specialties opens another web site!

Company adds a .com web site for future marketing of their products & services.

02/02/05 -- Today we are busy learning about the new and exciting changes computers, So busy in fact, we forgot to tell you about our sister site - www.micaspecialties.com.    

This is very exciting for everyone at Mica Specialties. The company was started in 1991, when technology was quite different. Through the years as technology progressed, we had hoped to have a web site for our customers. And after much hard work we have arrived and want to thank everyone for their support. For the next two weeks, we have posted a simple 3-step web survey for you to give us your thoughts on the brand of computer you use. The site will be updated after this with a fresh new look. Things are moving very fast and we are working on several new projects for you to enjoy. The .com site will offer our companies products & services, along with other software available for your purchase. After much thought on this subject, James wanted to keep everything free here at .org, so he told me to bring him the .com domain name. I'm sure glad we were able to secure it.

 Now everything has a perfect fit. You have our free E-learning site to expand your computer skills and all the free tools to Scrub Up!™ your system for removal of malware along with all of our knowledge. And of course, we have our new sister site to promote our company and earn a little money to buy more computer books and programs! Either way you will be completely satisfied and never bothered by us. These sites are here for your enjoyment so relax, your here with us! Things are changing regularly so keep checking back and exploring our sites. After we have completed our software programs and add services for hire, we will release a news bulletin here at the Machine Information Consulting Alliance.

You will NEVER be hit with advertising or any annoying sales tactics of any kind from ANY SITE WE MANAGE...EVER!

Thank you, and good surfing to you!


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