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M.I.C.A. is busy buying up the web!

'Machine Information Consulting Alliance' has acquired more domain names.

07/11/2005 -- As we respond to the growing threats of malware, we must look ahead to the problems of tomorrow. And in order to educate the masses, we will need several ways of reaching them. Today we are proud to announce the new domains that have been added to our arsenal.

  • www.securitysuite.org ~ Home to our security software, SecuritySuite 20/20™, due to be released in 2006-2007. And security news reports on the latest computer stories.

  • www.safelockdown.org ~ Home to our security related articles, along with ideas about the web of tomorrow. And a great resource for the very best forums to visit for help and advice.

  • www.lockdown.us ~ Home to our prescribed maintenance routine, to lockdown your machine from abuse. If you own a Windows XP machine, you should follow this tweak guide.

As we expand our services to cover more of the issues affecting computers and the web, we will add more domains to ensure access to the average home user. At press time, these domains will bring you to  www.micaspecialties.org until we complete all of the information related to each new site. Please check back to learn more about these new security sites dedicated to you, the average home computer user!  

Thank you, and good surfing to you!


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