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New Alliance Formed

Stop the presses, MICA Specialties decides to form security alliance.

11/04/2004 -- Help is finally on the way for the basic computer user. There is a company that has decided to bring a fresh perspective to many of the problems we face when we go online. MICA Specialties has put together a database of security breaches and formed M.I.C.A., which stands for the 'Machine Information Computer Alliance.'    

Things are going to improve in your computer world because of this, as we prepare to fight the junk science offered today about security related issues. M.I.C.A. has compiled quite a library of information and will be putting together two new books, a website and new software programs to lockdown your system. Look for their books in 2006, while the website should be up and running around March 2005. With all of the malicious content on the net, things have to change. We have quite a bit of work to do on our software code writing, so it will take a little more time to release it to you. We want it to be perfect so we will move slowly and change things often.

As a software developer, we need your input to make the best product possible and we think a website will give everyone the opportunity to give us their feedback on what is happening with the 'average user.' There are so many 'experts' but so little information that is easy to read on the subject of computers and security.

We will change that and focus on you, the average user, who wants to spend more time enjoying their machines without getting a degree in computers. Our new site will be located at www.micaspecialties.org so please visit us in 2005.

Thank you, and good surfing to you!


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