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Malware Research is never ending. As computer security professionals, we are constantly researching the patterns with today's computer security attacks, to design better defenses for tomorrow. With this research, we explore the complete malware process - from enticement by way of spam and various tactics, to the repairs and scrubbing that is required in the end.

Along the road, we have become involved in all aspects of general computer research and share much of the knowledge here on the Machine Information Consulting Alliance website. Our product testing lab has dissected hundreds of computer related products & companies, which finally brought us to create the Might Mica Awards! All of our work related research and discoveries through play have been recorded on our websites for you to learn from. No costs, no spyware and no hassles - just fast loading web pages, with safe & credible computer advice for you to optimize and Lockdown your machine.

In this section, you will become aware of the nastier side of maintenance - infections! In order for you to use your computer properly you must understand viruses, worms, trojans, rootkits, malware and memory tracers and all that good stuff too. But before you get distracted, remember, you can do this. It is not that hard and you will learn how to take care of your computer help needs free & easy.