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MICA Specialties website celebrates its one year milestone!

After a lot of hard work, Machine Information Consulting Alliance has finally reached the one year mark for being online with the micaspecialties.org website!

01/16/06 -- Time sure does fly when you’re doing something you enjoy. Today they are celebrating their one-year anniversary and they have a lot to be happy about.

The M.I.C.A. team has logged hundreds of hours helping fellow surfers with their Windows XP machines, and it did not cost visitors one dollar!

Many questions have been asked as to why they do not charge for this work.

"We have helped surfers through education and while doing so we have gained even more experience fighting the bad guys that attack our machines everywhere. Along the way, we have become friends with some very fine people from all over the globe. To us, it is well worth the 'real time data' that we discover, and we also get the satisfaction of helping out surfers who do not have the ability to perform this kind of service on their own. We feel we have done our part to ensure the safety of the entire web, because if we did not scrub these machines, they would still be online and under the influence of the bad guys." says James E. Clemens II, publisher and owner of the M.I.C.A. family of websites.

As busy as M.I.C.A. was in 2005, they expect that the number of visitors will double in 2006. They continue to perfect their methods of helping internet consumers of the world to fix, maintain and lockdown their machines. It has been an exciting year for everyone at Mica Specialties. "We just want to level the playing field against the bad guys who are holding the web ransom" says James, who is also known as 'micaman' in the many computer forums he participates in.

And they still stand by the promise they made the very first day they went online: "You will NEVER be hit with advertising or any annoying sales tactics of any kind from ANY SITE WE MANAGE...EVER!"

Thank you, and good surfing to you!


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