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XPxpress has all the info you need regarding Windows XP. Our special section of links to Microsoft's Windows XP sites. These resources will take the guess out of finding extra's for your specific operating system within the vast website of Microsoft. 


The second Tuesday of each month, Microsoft releases new patches and system updates. Put Patch Tuesday on your calendar to catch the latest add-ons and goodies. Automatic Updates will not install non-high priority updates. Visit the Windows Updates Site!



Feedback & Contact Information for Microsoft

» Microsoft Product Feedback. Give Microsoft your feedback on how they can make their products better by visiting:

Visit the Microsoft Feedback & Suggestions Page!


» You can call Microsoft about technical questions, customer service, product information and pre-licensing assistance @ 1-800-MICROSOFT. 



» This is home base for the XP Home edition. Everything starts here, so check it out by visiting:

Visit the Windows XP Home Edition Site!


» This is home base for the XP Professional edition. Everything starts here, so check it out by visiting:

Visit the Windows XP Professional Edition Site!


» This is home base for the XP Media edition. Everything starts here, so check it out by visiting:

Visit the Windows XP Media Edition Site!


» This is home base for the XP Tablet edition. Everything starts here, so check it out by visiting:

Visit the Windows XP Tablet Edition Site!


» This is home base for the XP Professional x64 edition. Everything starts here, so check it out by visiting:

Visit the XP Professional x64 Edition Site!


» Do you know about Power Toys for your machine? They are really cool and squeeze more out of the XP's abilities. For all the latest toys: 

Visit the Windows Power Toys Page!


» Get the latest security fixes, software updates, and device drivers for Windows and other Microsoft programs at the Microsoft Download Center:  

Visit the Microsoft Download Center!


» The Download and Update Overview page will offer a starting point for finding device drivers, service packs, downloads, patches and their product catalog for complete programs and much more:   

Visit the Downloads Overview Page!

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Windows Marketplace

» The Windows Marketplace has everything you want and more (trust me) to amp up your Windows machine:

Visit the Windows Marketplace Home Page


» The Tested Products List by Windows Marketplace will provide complete assurance that the item will work perfectly on your Windows based machine:

Visit the Tested Products List


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» Microsoft provides a vast amount of resources for you to learn from. Check out the security page at: 

Visit the Windows Security Home Page!


» Microsoft Windows Defender is one of the finest tools available today. We recommend you download this free security program at:

Visit the Windows Defender Home Page!     


» Microsoft updates is the very most important site to visit. Your operating system, as well as your other Microsoft products, must be updated regularly. Cool features come with new/updated products, so take the time to update now. This will take you straight to Microsoft's update page so it is safe to use. The second Tuesday of EVERY month, Microsoft releases new updates, visit:

Visit the Windows Updates Site!


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» If you write, publish or do any type of office work, then you have to give Office 2003 a try. You can download a free trial and give it a test run. If you already have it, you can check for updates here as well. We always recommend updating Microsoft products at their site only. Never accept updates from a 'mirror' site or other type of shared system access, when it comes to Microsoft products, visit:

Visit Microsoft Office!


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» To enjoy your computer media, you really need the Windows Media Player 10. You can get it by visiting:

Visit the Windows Media Player Download Page!


» Great, now you can customize your player by going to:

Visit the Windows Media Plug-ins Page!


» To maximize your entertainment, you must have the latest version of Direct X. Download it here:

Visit the Direct X Download Page!


» If you like to take your media with you or play it on other media devices, you should check here to learn about the Plays for Sure Logo:

Visit Plays for Sure!


» If you are in the market to purchase new audio/video equipment, find the equipment that is compatible with the Media 10 player, for ease of use. Visit:

Visit the Devices Page at Windows Media!


» For the movie maker in you, enjoy this excellent program included with XP. Learn about the many things you can do with it at:

Visit the Microsoft Movie Maker Home Page!


» For the best showing of your media, try the Plus! upgrade for around $25.00. Enjoy stunning screen savers and themes, play exciting games, and do more with photos, music, and home movies. Visit:

Visit the Microsoft Plus Home Page!


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» Windows Messenger lets you instantly communicate with friends and family all around the world from your computer, using text chat and even voice and video. Windows Messenger gives you control over who you talk to and when by letting you block certain users, view the typing status of buddies, and control who adds you to their contact list.

Visit the Windows Messenger Home Page!


» This page contains downloads for all critical updates, recommended releases, and other beneficial system updates for Internet Explorer. This is the default web browser for your XP machine. You will need it to update your computer, so if you don't have it, go ahead and get it at:

Visit Internet Explorer's Home Page!


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» Microsoft likes to play, and they know you do as well. These titles are only available for a personal computer with a Windows operating system. Free trials and more at the home page at:

Visit the Microsoft Gaming Zone!


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Help and Support

» Get All the Answers You Are Looking For from this award winning page. You can find the Microsoft Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool, read about changes to software or get Assisted Support from a support professional. Support options for your product could include phone, chat, or e-mail assistance.

Visit the Microsoft Support Main Page!


» Select a Solution Center to see product support information, including common issues, frequently asked questions, helpful links, tips and how-tos, and latest downloads.

Visit the Microsoft Solution Center!  


»  This database contains information about DLL files that are included with selected Microsoft products. DLL Help exists to help developers, system administrators, and other IT professionals who face file version conflicts with Microsoft software. Use DLL Help to identify the software that installed a specific version of a DLL file. You can use this helpful resource at:

Visit the Microsoft DLL Helpdesk!


» The Windows Catalogs lists all products designed for Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, and Windows 2000. Please visit:

Visit the Windows Hardware Catalog List!  


» The Knowledge Base will let you select a product from the Search Product list, or look up a specific KB number. These are very important when tracking down a problem.

Visit the Microsoft Knowledge Base Center!


» The MSDN Library is an essential resource for developers using Microsoft tools, products, and technologies. It contains a bounty of technical programming information, including sample code, documentation, technical articles, and reference guides.

Visit the MSDN Library!


» MSDN Search Library provides a way to search for complex information like reference, script centers, white papers, books, partner resources, communities, case studies and Microsoft news & corporate information.

Visit the MSDN Library Search Page!


» Microsoft continually works to improve its software. As part of this effort, they develop updates and fixes to recognized issues and release them for customers. On a regular basis, they combine many of these fixes into a single package and make the package available for installation. These packages are called Service Packs. To find your products and the current SP, visit:

Visit Windows Lifecycle for Service Packs!    


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These will open in Outlook. Microsoft prefers for you to view them in this format. It is safe, as you will be at Microsoft the entire time.

XP General


Windows XP Basics


Windows XP Customization


Windows XP Device Drivers


Windows XP Hardware


Windows XP New User


Windows XP Performance & Maintenance


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TechNet Live Online Chat with Microsoft’s experts.


» When you need serious answers you can trust, try the MSDN developer community. Ask a question and participate in the forums: 

Visit the MSDN Forums!  


» Microsoft provides MSDN chat sessions for you to engage in discussions about Microsoft products or technologies. Each chat is hosted by one or more Microsoft experts.

Visit MSDN Chats!