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Inside Internet Explorer by James E. Clemens II

Internet Explorer 7, even with all it's glory, does have some issues to work out, just like all software, and we can help you along the way. We have helped many surfers adjust to this revised web browser and we can help you too.

Microsoft's® Internet Explorer™ is the world's most preferred and most used web browser and has a lot of history behind making it so.

As of 2007, Statistics from W3Schools suggests that Internet Explorer is the most common browser, XP is the most dominating operating system with most users displaying in 1024x768 pixels or more, with a color depth of at least 65K colors. Internet Explorer continues to expand it presence with yet another rendition, Internet Explorer 7.0.

After a long beta period, IE 7.0 has been unleashed with enough features & add-ons to satisfy the novice surfer while ensuring a continued platform for the techie to build on.

During the design phase of Internet Explorer 7, Microsoft's IE team paid close attention to developers and code tweakers concerns while addressing the comments posted in help sessions, forums and blogs.

This was a much different approach from previous versions of IE, which many would equate to the Firefox flare. This was partly true but partly hype by the Firefox community.

On the surface, there are many similarities with the two, but deep down they are very different browsers. Firefox is built on the old Netscape Browser platform, while Internet Explorer 7.0 is built on the Internet Explorer 1.0 platform created back in 1995. Because of this, IE 7 is a more mature browser with much of the same developer base of version 1.0 from 1995.

Since 1995 though, a lot has changed with the IE 7 browser. Security, for one, is improved greatly. After the malware attacks of 2005 & 2006, many felt they had no choice but to try the new guy on the market - the Firefox browser. Because of its newness, the malware writers were taken off guard for a short bit and surfers were safe again.

Before long, Firefox (just like all software) was being attacked in the same way as IE 6, leading many surfers back to their old-new friend...IE 7!

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