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If you are in need of more answers and want a more interactive way to learn, Forum Finds will lend a hand.

There are hundreds of computer forums set up to provide this near instant help. If this sounds like something you would like to try, visit one of the forums below. Sign up under a screen name and ask all the questions you want and get answers from thousands of tech experts for free. You will need to keep in mind that there are rules to follow at each of the different sites, everyone will see your posts, and not all of the advice will be what you are looking for, but the answers are credible and the services are free!

Enjoy these forum finds

1) Bleeping Computer ~ One of the first forums I found and I find it to be, "bleeping great!" A larger forum with thousands of members. You can find just about anything here. If it is talked about, you will find it here. I enjoy working in the bleeping forum a lot.

2) MalWare Removal ~ This forum is based in the U.K. and they also offer up training for people wanting to work in the forums cleaning machines from infection. Their Malware University will allow you to gain the status needed to post help to others at the many forums offered across the web. When you join a forum, you are given a title according to experience level which is taken very seriously. In order for you to boost your level to HiJackThis! cleaner, you will need to attend and pass a forum school. They also offer help within their forum, just as the others listed above.

3) SpywareInfo ~ This forum has been around for awhile and offers solid advice from a strong member base. Together, the members have posted over 300,000 answers! SWI is trusted by the computer security world, as is all of the forums listed on this page. Lots of news to read about and software to check out on their home page as well.

I hope you will find the answers you are looking for here at M.I.C.A., but if not, you will at one of these forums! For a more complete list of the top technology forums visit Safe Lockdown.

Remember, forums require a little patience and time to read the many thousands of posts, many that may not be of interest to you or your products, but you will learn something by spending the time. If you do visit one, be sure to tell them that micaman sent you when you sign up!

For a more personal approach to your problem, feel free to email me. I will provide you with the data needed, in a timely manor and at no cost to you.

Thank you for taking the time to visit my website and I hope you will let me know what you like or dislike, so I may continue to improve and shape the M.I.C.A. website to meet your needs.