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This section is just a place to chill out and relax a moment. There is nothing here to learn or study, just fun stuff and freeware games. So relax and take a 'pause,' I'm sure you deserve it. Besides, if your boss comes in the room, you can just remind him or her that you're at our site solving a computer issue. Tell him we said "Hi" and ask him something like, "Mr./Mrs. bla...I think our hard drives need to be defragged and if we spent the time, we would experience better performance, faster process times and make our machines last longer." While we make no claim as to what they will respond with, we know they will think you're concerned about their equipment and are knowledgeable about computer related issues. This can only improve your status. And you just might get a raise out of the deal.


 Which end is up?

If you want something fun to do...check out our 'Fun Links' for several freeware programs to pick from.

So stick around and take a pause or surf the links below, either way we're pleased to have you with us. 


Or you can find the best free tools for searching the web by clicking on our 'DiscoverSearch' page.

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Defrag your brain, before you go insane!!™

 Are ready to defrag your brain? Submit your complaint here.



 Every now and then you need to take a break from it all. So we gathered up some links for you to check out. Nothing serious to think about, so enjoy these free & safe sites, then come back and learn some more with us. 


These are some math & science based puzzles and games that you do onscreen, without any downloads. Lots of fun and easy stuff to do and learn! You will need JAVA at some of the sites, but the websites are free of malware and do not pose any security issues.



Space Flight ~ Now boarding, all passenger's are now boarding on Space Fleet 3 at gate 1.



3D Wire Frame ~ A fun math game that you use to make really cool designs on your screen. This is a little advanced, but I'm sure you'll get the hang of it. You can change a bunch of setting on the control panel - this is the little extra window that is open.



Splash ~ Here you will get to play around with trigonometry and create some waves!



Archimedes Laboratory ~ Hypnotic site for active minds and puzzle enthusiasts: enjoy making and solving intriguing puzzles, discovering new optical illusions, playing about with geometric and tangram games...



Infectious ~ Your mission here is too change all of the squares on the screen to one color, in as few of moves as possible.



Cool Math Fractal Gallery ~ Some amazing art created by changing the fractal properties of your masterpiece! With thirty very cool images to start from, you will enjoy the time spent here.



Rush ~ Do you remember the old slide puzzles from the past? This one is like that but with cars and trucks. Rush hour came along while you were at work and blocked your car in at the garage. You have to move the objects around to move your car to the exit. 



If you completed the ones above and want some more games and puzzles, visit the Cool Math's new game section and pick from dozens of fast, easy stuff to play around with. Nothing serious, just something to untwist your brain and get ti working again! 



However, if they were not the kind of fun and games you were looking for, go ahead a shake it up below!

 International Arcade Museum's

Do you remember the days of video games? No, not consoles and pc games, real video games. The ones that you saved up all your quarters to go and play at the arcade. The start of it all. The games of yesterday, that paved a way for the games of today. A lot of today's games are based on the quarter games, but with advanced graphics and some new twists and turns. There is a site out there, that is the site of all sites, when it comes to arcade games. They have every games ever created! If you would like a trip down memory lane, take a pause and visit the Killer list of Video Games below.

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My Humor

Provides daily clean, funny jokes, setting the standard for entertaining, great funny jokes in multiple categories. Something for every subject, catering a laugh to anyone looking to have one!

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Bridge Construction Set

This is not your typical game. This will teach and entertain, while you learn how to build five different bridge structures. I could teach engineering principles with this game!

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This is a freeware program by GRC. It will let you build a screensaver for yourself. Have fun and build something to enjoy while you take a pause.

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Game Hippo

This site has all types of freeware games to choose from. Many exclusive games to play. If you like playing games, you will find something new here.

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This is a game of moving boxes around so you can trap 5 aggressive squirrels chasing after you. It is free, downloads fast, and lets you adjust the settings to fit your mood. It will grow on you, so give it a try.  

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Murphy's Law

All the Laws of Murphy in one place. Every area of life covered!

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MSN Games

Play the best free games, deluxe downloads, puzzle games, word and trivia games, multiplayer card and board games, action and arcade games, poker and casino games, pop culture games and more. MSN Games has it all.

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C/NET Downloads

The largest download site on the web! They have every type of software organized into easy to find sections. They review some of the programs and allow anyone to submit reviews as well. I recommend this site but suggest you take caution in what you download because they allow anyone to upload their software. Some include spyware and other malware problems. They have freeware, shareware and items for purchase. 

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We are working on adding some new links soon! Please check back for updates. We review them for trouble before adding them, so hang in there while we test them out.




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